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Hello, my name is Kelsea 🙂 I was born in SoCal, but raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. (yep, Sin City itself) I have returned to my roots and have been living in California since I graduated high school pretty much. I knew as soon as I turned 18 and graduated that I wanted to move back to Cali and attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Just days before my first day of college, my mom and I packed up my entire life into one car, I said goodbye to my best friends and so long to my shitty friends/relationships and headed to Los Angeles, California. But I didn’t always know that I wanted a career in Interior Design.

Having a real estate agent and DIYer as a mother and a chef as a father I was surrounded by creativity all my life. But just like every other human being out there, I still wasn’t positive what I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing. I ended up changing my major so many times, from visual communications to dental hygienist. It wasn’t until one day it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was, at the time, an assistant manager and bridal stylist at a bridal store. Instead of working on bridal things, like I was supposed too, I was re-arranging all the furniture and dresses on the racks and then it hit me. “OMG, I should become an interior designer!” I probably re arranged the furniture in my room once every season and would always spend my extra money on decor for my room. (And clothes, of course) I was told that even before I could walk, I would organize anything I could get my hands on. One time my mom walked into the room and I had pulled out and organized all of my baby wipes into a straight line across the room. Anyways, long story even longer, here I am at 24 years young graduated with a major in interior design working in the field I love.

My dream is to inspire people through my interior designs and one day hopefully I will open a small interior design shop with a business of renovating houses on the side. Now I am living in a small apartment with my love and our fur babies doing DIY projects along the way. I love new adventures. I love anything outdoors, hiking, camping, going to the lake, wake boarding, snowboarding, or even just soaking up the sun near a pool. I love all animals, its more of an obsession. I want to open a no kill shelter one day. I am a vegetarian. I would choose a bubble bath over a shower any day. I am never on time, to anything. That’s probably the thing that bothers me the most about myself. I am tall, 5’10” my boyfriend calls me amazonian woman. I am a perfectionist, but I am trying to learn that not everything can be perfect. I love all things sweet, I have the biggest sweet tooth out of everyone I know. I probably spend too much money on clothes, but shopping makes me happy. I love photography. I love reading, I wish I had more time for it. I love deep meaningful conversations.

Welcome to my little home on the internet, I am so happy and grateful to have you here!

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