Maui, Hawaii Travel Diary

I had the pleasure of vacationing in Maui, Hawaii with my bestfriend a few weeks ago and I wanted to share my experience with you. This was a very very quick weekend trip so we tried to site see while relaxing at the same time. We were staying in this cute little town called Wailuku and since we landed in the evening on Thursday we didn’t have much time to do anything except watch the sunset, eat some delicious Thai food, and drive around the town.



Friday we woke up early to go on a hike to see the Twin Falls. We hiked up the mountain and saw three beautiful waterfalls. (4 if you count the twin falls as 2) This hike is extremely easy so I highly recommend it to anybody that travels to Maui. I think these waterfalls are the first waterfalls on the road to Hana as well. After the hike we drove into this tiny town Paia and ate some yummy shaved ice and layed on the beach. That night we went into Kihei and bar hopped. We met some amazing locals this day and mixed way too much alcohol.












Saturday, our last full day on the island, I was hungover to say the least. I forced myself out of bed and we decided just to lay out on the beach and get our tan on. We ended up at the Grand Wailea hotel. Guys, this hotel is magical. It is the most beautiful hotel I’ve ever stepped foot in. Apparently this is the hotel that all the celebrities stay at and now I know why. I only took a few photos, but the pictures don’t even do the beauty justice.




Our last day in Maui, Sunday, we really wanted more shaved iced so we went to the best shaved ice place closest to us and boy was it good. We also realized that we never got any good pictures with each other and didn’t spend enough time on the beach so we spent the last few hours walking on the beach taking pictures and FINALLY saw sea turtles.








Maui is such a beautiful island and one day I will be back there to explore more, but for now I will cherish this small weekend vacation. Maui taught me that the earth is an awesome beautiful place, I mean I always thought that but seeing the way islanders live and how they take care of their island was an eye opener for me. If you’ve visited Maui or anywhere in Hawaii please comment down below your favorite spot and memory.



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