25 Things 25 Years Taught Me

1. Don’t grow up too fast. You’re as young as you’ll ever be right in this exact moment. You have the rest of your life to be an adult, use your time wisely.

2. Sleep is your best friend. Nothing is worth losing sleep over. Nothing. Sleep is so important to your physical and mental health and boy oh boy do I needs lots of it. Sometimes you just need to stay home from the party and get some good sleep.

3. Save your money. The past few years I really have learned how to save money and not buy that cute top or that pair of shoe’s that you really don’t need. I think age helped me with this and setting goals. First, it was save money to move out. Now that I have moved out it’s save money to buy a house. When you’re younger this is hard to grasp, or at least it was for me, because money is new to you, you just want to buy whatever you want. Once you see how easy saving money really is you can’t stop.

4. Bubble Baths. The solution for most problems. There is nothing a hot bubble bath, a glass of wine, and cookie dough ice cream can’t fix.

5. Ditch the drama. Growing up, I was ALWAYS in the drama. It never seemed to fail, but follow me around literally since as far back as I can remember. I think once I realized my worth and ditched my “friends” that didn’t treat me right I had no more drama. I remember a few months after moving to California and I felt like I could finally breathe. I only kept a handful of friends from back home and was very selective on the new friends I was making and literally have not had drama in almost 5 years. Can you believe that?!

6. Skincare first, makeup second. Makeup is great for covering up and enhancing your features, but a great skincare routine will help your overall look. Take off your makeup every night and moisturize. This took me years to realize and I’m still working on perfecting my routine, but I’m doing way better than how I was in high school. I can’t even count how many times I would go to sleep with makeup on.

7. Dry shampoo. That’s it. Dry shampoo, best friends for life. This stuff got me through college and is getting me through my young adult career and probably will be getting me through motherhood and the rest of my life.

8. Trust your instinct. 9 times out of 10, you’re instincts and intuitions are right. Always trust it!

9. Don’t make excuses for other people. If you can take anything from me, learn this. This can relate to so many different things, friendships, relationships, co-workers, and even family. If I realized this sooner it would have saved me from a lot of bad relationships and friendships. I used to always make excuses for other people and their actions until one year I just had enough. If somebody tells you you mean so much to them, but they don’t act like it…they don’t really care for you.

10. Realize your worth. This right here changed everything for me. I had so many crappy relationships and friendships growing up until one day I literally woke up and said “That’s it!” For example, I had this one best friend and most of the time when we made plans she just wouldn’t show up or even bother calling me to tell me she wasn’t coming. On top of that, she thought nothing was wrong with that! I know I am a great person and friend and it took me a few years to realize my worth and surround myself with the same kind of people.

11. Travel as much as you can. I always tell myself this, but then get caught up in life and forget. While in college and after starting my career I realized that I wasn’t traveling as much as I used too. Even to the simplest of places like our friends cabin that is 2 hours away or the river where I practically grew up. I made it part of my new years resolution this year to travel more and say yes to adventures.

12. It’s okay if people don’t like you. Sometimes people won’t like you for no reason and that’s okay. Not everybody has to like you, just like you don’t have to like everybody. I feel like I’m such a friendly person that this was hard for me to grasp. “Why wouldn’t people like me?” In all honesty, why would you want to be friends or even waste your time on people that don’t like you for no reason? Just move on.

13. Embrace your weirdness. I am definitely an introvert when it comes to social settings, but when I am alone with people I am comfortable around I am weird and I love it. I sometimes forget that it’s okay to be weird. I look up to people that can be weird and themselves around people they barely know and this is something I am starting to learn to do without a little liquid courage. Who cares what people think?!

14. Don’t take the extra shot. Kelsea, you don’t do shots well. Know your limits on alcohol and when to say no.

15. Don’t hold back your creativity. Remember that everybody is unique in their own way and everybody has their own opinions. Sometimes, especially back in college, I am so afraid what someone is going to say about my designs or ideas that I hold them back. But if you hold back your designs, then nobody is going to see how great you really are. Don’t hold back on somebody else’s account. Do you boo.

16. Be grateful for the body you have. I think we can all learn from this. I remember when I first started college and gained the freshmen 15 I felt so fat and now that I took back to those pictures, I looked awesome!! Don’t be too hard on yourself as long as you’re taking care of your body, enjoy what you have now.

17. Spend time with your family. Time spent with your family and loved ones is the best time that can be spent. Don’t take that for granted.

18. Stop being so hard on yourself. There is no such thing as perfection. I am still currently learning this. The saying “You are your own worst critic” is 100% true when it comes to me. No matter how great I do or the things I accomplish I always think I can do better, but nothing can be perfect and you can’t be so hard on yourself. Enjoy your accomplishments and learn from your mistakes.

19. Write lists. Writing lists and staying organized helps with everything. Comparing a situation, planning your day, and etc. Plus, crossing things off on your list feels so good.

20. Love with all that you have. No matter what you do, do it with love. Show everybody love. Love is so important and this may be cheesy but I think it could change the world. I have became so loving and caring in the last few years and it feels so great and I just want to spread that feeling.

21. Life is too short. Point blank. Buy that bag. Go to that country. Quit that job. Do what makes you happy because life is too damn short.

22. Your mom was right. You might not like it, but your mom is almost always right. (I said almost!) How many times has your mom said she didn’t like a friend or boyfriend and everything she said about them came true? Listen to your mom no matter how much you don’t like it.

23. Everything happens for a reason. I am a HUUUUGE believer of this. No matter how bad the situation is something good will come out of it.

24. Learn every day. Just because you’ve graduated college and done with school doesn’t mean you can’t keep learning. Pick up a book. Learn from your mistakes. Learn from people around you. Be open to what everything will teach you.

25. Take time for yourself. At least once a week, take some time for yourself and by yourself. Take a break from social media. Put on a face mask. Take a bubble bath. Get your nails done. Do some yoga. Meditate.





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