Spring Cleaning Like A Pro

One of my favorite things about spring is spring cleaning. I’m one of those crazy people that find peace in cleaning. I’ve put together some tips and tricks to help you start and finish your spring cleaning from your kitchen to your garage. First of all, do not do this all in one day. I feel like planning to do all your spring cleaning in one day will do nothing, but stress you out more. Expand it over a few days, throw on some jams, and get to the cleaning. On the first day I always start out with actually cleaning. Dishes, laundry, dusting, cleaning the floors, picking things up around the house…normal everyday things. After cleaning we can now get onto the major spring cleaning and organizing.

Purging: Let it go. This is probably one of the hardest things for me personally to do because I am guilty for hanging onto anything “just in case.” Look through your clothes and ask yourself, ‘Have I worn this in the last two years?” “Will I wear this in the next year?” If the answer is no, put it in the donation pile. There are some websites where you can sell your clothes online, like Poshmark, to make a little money off the clothes you will no longer wear or you can drop it off at your local donation center. While looking through your clothes, also look at the quality. If there are any holes or stains that cannot get fixed, recycle them. Have the same mindset when looking at the rest of your house, like kitchen supplies. If there is anything that you haven’t used in years, donate it because the truth is you will probably never use it again and now it’s just taking up space in your house. The same thing goes for old tech gadgets. People tend to hold onto these things and I only have one thing to say to this. Recycle, recycle, recycle.

Organizing: Closet organization is probably my favorite. There are so many ways to do this depending on how many clothes you have. If you have a ton of clothes you can organize your clothes by season. Personally, I keep all my clothes out no matter the season. Next thing is you can organize your clothes to the style. Make a portion of your closet weekend clothes and the other portion work clothes. This makes it easier when picking out outfits. I have always organized my closet by the color and style. My closet is color coordinated and then organized by tank top or short sleeve to long sleeve and I have my jackets hanging on a separate shelf. I also have my shoes organized this way, by color and then no heel to heels. A little tip on shoe organization, place your shoes in opposite directions. This will help free up a lot of space and give you more room to add more shoes.

Now it’s time to organize your kitchen. Take everything out of your drawers and cabinets. Put everything back by putting the heaviest things closest to the ground and lighter things up top. Make sure you are placing these things closest to where you would use them, like spices near the stove and etc. For your drawers make sure to use an utensil organizer like this, this will literally change everything. Deep cleaning your fridge, I honestly do this about every few weeks or so. Take everything out of your fridge, make use to throw out everything that has expired. Take a damp cloth and wipe down the shelves and sides of the fridge. I don’t know about you, but we have an extremely small freezer and sometimes its hard to find anything in that thing. I had a friend give me the idea of using binder clips. Hang your bagged items from the shelf by using binder clips. This helps you not have to dig through your freezer everyday.

Garage: The last thing I do for spring cleaning is clean out my garage. I don’t know about you, but my garage tends to be the place where we store the most random things. Make sure you have bins that are labelled to store and organize all your items, such as holiday decorations, camping supplies, etc. The use of shelving and wall hooks helps A TON. Store your bins on the shelves and extra cleaning supplies or sports equipment on the hooks.

Lastly, re-use as much as your own things as possible to save money. Re-organize the floor plan of your living room or bedroom and re-decorate everything by moving your already owned accessories around. But you can also treat yourself by buying a few new things. Buying a few cute accessories or even a new side table can spruce up your place and make it feel new and fresh. I have done this for years since I easily can get bored with the space I live in. Changing the fung shui of your home can really change everything and can almost make you feel like you’re living in a new environment.







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