Las Vegas Tribute

Las Vegas. My home. My childhood. The place that was always my safe place…until now. Vegas was known for being the entertainment capital of the world, but now it is known for the biggest massacre in US history. I cringe hearing the words, typing the words out. I am speechless. I didn’t feel right coming back to my blog and posting like nothing happened, like everything is okay.

There are no words to explain how I feel about what happened on October 1, 2017, except heartbreak…heartbreak and anger. I woke up early that next morning to my phone ringing and countless text messages asking if my brother and I were safe and if I knew anybody that went. Went where?! I immediately called my dad back and was trying to comprehend what he was saying, he said “Kels, it’s all over the news…The biggest massacre in US history happened in Vegas last night at Route 91. That man, he killed so many people and even more people are hurt.” I immediately broke down. My heart stopped. I knew so many people that were at that festival all weekend. I was so close to just buying tickets to the festival myself and figuring out a way to go. I couldn’t lose another friend. I was scared. Broken. Angry. How can someone do this to innocent people? I still can’t wrap my head around it. My heart is so heavy. You see these tragedies happen around the world, but never think it could or would happen to your home.

I thank God everyday that my friends and family were safe that night. I also thank the men and women that didn’t even know my friends, but shielded them from bullets. Literally, laid on top of them as they were being shot at. Vegas is such a small city, everybody knows everybody and this just feels all so personal. Although we don’t and probably won’t ever know why this happened, I am proud to say I am from Vegas. No matter religion, race, or political views they came together and protected each other and spread love. They donated so much blood and supplies that they had to start turning people away because they had more than enough. They came together and created a community healing garden in response to this tragic event. This is the kind of love and kindness that will defeat the evil and hate. It is this kind of love that will heal us and keep us going.




I am praying for all the people that were involved. I wasn’t even there and I am still having nightmares. I am so blessed that all my loved ones are okay and safe, but death is so close. Friends seeing people shot. A friend of a friend shot and in the hospital. And a family friend, one of the 58. My heart is so heavy. So I leave you with this. Your life is so short so do what you love and don’t miss an opportunity to tell your loved ones how much you love them.

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