Drab to Fab IKEA Nightstand Hack

We love IKEA for it’s affordable prices, but let’s face it…some furniture pieces are just down right boring, but you do get what you pay for. Like this Rast IKEA nightstand for instance, only $39.99.


I don’t see this on their website anymore, but here are a few more similar inexpensive options.

DYFJORD                      MALM                     OPPLAND


You can probably tell by now that I can’t resist a good DIY, especially when it is really simple and inexpensive like this one. There are ways to spice up the furniture and make it more unique to what you like. Here’s what we did. We purchased two of the RAST nightstands from IKEA for our bedroom. I love that the nightstands are made of solid wood and have no paint, stain, or any type of finish on them because it makes painting them that much easier. (Although, if you do buy a nightstand that already has paint or a finish on it, all you have to do is sand it down.)

I feel like since I became an interior designer my style changes all the time so I wanted nightstands that would look good with any style. We also needed a lot more storage in our room so this nightstand with three drawers was perfect for us. Alex doesn’t like really girly things so we wanted nightstands that were more versatile and unisex. We agreed on simple white lacquer paint (my favorite color lately) and a dark wood stain. If you oil, wax, lacquer or stain the untreated solid wood surface it will be more durable and easy to care for. DO NOT put together the nightstands before painting. Keeping the pieces apart will make it a lot easier to paint and stain. First thing first, clean the wood pieces with a damp cloth to make sure there’s no dust or dirt so the paint can be applied smoothly. We painted the drawers first with white semi gloss paint. Then, we stained the sides and top of the nightstands with this dark walnut finish. Let the paint and stain dry for about 24 hours and spray it with this protection spray that will help keep it durable and have longer lasting protection. I put on a few coats of this just for good measure.

Walnut Stain                                   Protection Spray

                  027426700123                       755c494a-9f61-45ae-b457-ace80b01a34d_1000

If you want your nightstands to be even more glam, you can buy this inexpensive marble contact paper from Amazon and wrap it around the top piece of your nightstand and it will look more expensive.


Lastly, you will want to buy new knobs for your nightstands. This is another way to make your nightstand look more glam and personally this was one of my favorite parts. Brass hardware has been all the rave lately and I am loving it! Here are a few of my favorite styles of knobs.

Gramercy                         Crowned Quartz

                    32838963_001_b10   32513624_050_a-1

                                   Tangle Toggle                           Ory

                     34431585_044_b10   28842276_027_b2

  Geofloral                                 Ballast

                      Unknown   Unknown-1

Drab, to fab!

               1942863c-34dc-4acd-8368-111ae46efac8_1.d5f1cbbb248bc63b1483eaa27b279a0f  FullSizeRender 2


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